Our Mission


Our Vision is to provide tools and strategies for the empowerment of the madrasahs to become centres of excellence in teaching and tarbiyyah.


  • Ensure that the views and interests of Muslim supplementary schools and Islamic education are accurately and effectively represented with statutory bodies, educational organisations and within the public sphere.


  • Promote, and enhance effective collaboration between madrasahs with the view to raising educational standards and nurturing excellence in the Islamic character of their students.


  • Provide advice and assistance to members as well as others who may wish to establish new Islamic supplementary schools.


  • Encourage and promote education and schooling that is rooted in the Islamic or Qur’anic paradigm through the establishment of new schools and development of teaching resources that facilitate this.


  • Provide a forum for discussion and unity amongst those who are interested in Islamic education and Muslim educators in particular.


  • Provide a range of training and development opportunities for Muslim educators to enhance their knowledge and skills as professionals and to become Islamic role models for their students.


  • To promote better understanding and positive relationships between difference faith and cultural traditions within the UK and encourage the creation of a harmonious and cohesive society that is based on principles of mutual respect and justice for all citizens.


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Our Services

  • Madrasah Improvement Programme
  • Teacher Training workshops
  • Developement & Management
  • Quality Framework
  • QTLS Programme
  • Regional Inset Days
  • Representation




  • www.ams-uk.org